Critical Logic helps you develop defect-free software, right from the start.

Critical Logic has been helping software development teams save as much as 25% of total project costs for more than 15 years. By targeting software development problems at the source, our test software and methods save you valuable time and hefty rework costs.

At Critical Logic, we want to cure the disease, not just treat the symptoms.

It is widely acknowledged that a fundamental problem in software development today is lack of communication between users and developers. Incomplete, ambiguous or misunderstood software requirements cause poor quality, cost overruns and missed schedules. The industry continually tries to treat these symptoms through the use of different tools and processes rather than addressing the core issue.

At Critical Logic, we believe that clearing up misunderstandings early avoids poor results later. Quality, cost and time issues that plague most projects can be significantly reduced or eliminated by curing the real problem at its source.

The logic-based development built into our unique software is the cure. By applying a formal, scientific methodology to the analysis of functional logic, intended software behavior becomes clear, concise and well understood. Communication between users and developers and between business and IT flows easily. The root problem is diagnosed, treated and cured. Defect-free software is developed and delivered as requested; the result that the industry has been trying to achieve…right from the start.

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