The leaders at Critical Logic have a proven track record of success through innovation

The Critical Logic management team is committed to the advancement of Logic Based Development and the tools to support it, creating the standard for analysis in the software development and IT world.


Robert Johnston – CEO/CTO
Bob Johnston, a 25-year veteran of the IT industry, has a proven track record of founding successful IT companies and is the creator of the TMX automated test tool. Bob brings a deep technical background to Critical Logic through experience ranging from programming to executive entrepreneurship. He is a featured speaker at many major software development conferences, consistently sharing his extensive knowledge with other industry professionals.


Adam Richards – VP, COO, Director of Consulting Services
Adam Richards oversees consulting services at Critical Logic. With nearly two decades in the industry, Adam has experience as a developer, business analyst, requirements manager, test analyst, and QA manager. He brings a rare depth of experience in systems supporting a wide array of industries, including finance, banking, manufacturing, airlines, automotive, medical devices, retail, unions, state & federal government, health care, transportation, Medicare, and defense, among others. He personally supports and directs projects for Critical Logic on any platform, in any language, using any development process.