Our mission is to prevent and detect software defects.


Critical Logic empowers software development organizations to redefine what they mean by quality, and how to attain it.  We provide flexible, innovative technologies and services, both to verify correct system behavior during test, and to validate system requirements during design.  By putting intelligent quality at the center of the software development life cycle, rather than at the end, Critical Logic improves the predictability and productivity of software teams.  Critical Logic turns software disappointment into software success.


We intend to advance the software development industry by promoting and leading implementation of Cause-Effect Modeling (CEM) as a standard way to Validate and Verify software requirements and systems in order to prevent and detect defects that diminish quality.  We strive to develop a staff that is recognized as the leaders in CEM.  We will provide world class services and products to a growing community of software organizations and professionals.  We seek to create standards and enterprise to achieve the full potential of CEM.