Too Many Tests? How to tell if you’re right!

Are you constantly running over your testing budget and schedule? Do you find yourself feeling like you don’t have the resources you need to fully complete your testing? You’ve probably had the thought: “We just have too many tests!”. You […]

Test Automation Tools are Idiots

One reason it is hard to Automate Testing  (…and what to do about it) In the software testing game it is all about the details. Testing is really a simple thing to describe; does the software behave as expected? The complexity […]

Lost in Translation: Why is COTS/ERP so hard?!

Through decades of high profile failure and struggle the industry of information systems has become notorious for generating what I call “software disappointment.” Costly defect escapes, project cost overruns, and even outright failures have historically been about as likely as […]

Lean Thinking and MBT Part 2: Overproduction

In a previous blog post, I claimed that creating a model of the system you intend to develop is a step that facilitates a Lean process. In essence, adding a step makes your process Leaner. In this second installment, I […]

Don’t let the plumber build your house!

Years ago in school, before the days of CAD, I took a mechanical drawing class. Each student sat at their own drafting table and we learned formal techniques for professional-quality drafting with a pencil. We learned to construct multiple views […]