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Why IT Budgets Are Like Government Entitlements

So here’s the question: what do IT budgets and government entitlement programs have in common? And here’s the answer: both are budgeted and funded on the basis of entitlement. While government budgeting for entitlement programs is familiar, the IT corollary, […]

Creating an Effective Software Testing Process

 An all too frequent experience for IT managers is to have a software release go into production after multiple iterations of testing, only to immediately experience significant defects that went undetected during testing. Fingers point and excuses are made, but […]

The Elephant in the Room

A short time ago we were at a meeting of IT executives. A major new CIO survey had been released, and, once again, one of the top ten concerns of CIOs is the impact poor requirements have on delivering software […]

Guess the Project Cost

Imagine you are an architect (the house kind, not the IT kind). A client comes to you and says, “I need a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house with living room, dining room and a big kitchen with all of the latest equipment. […]

Agile, Incremental, Waterfall: Is There a Quality Difference?

 In recent years, a new dimension has been added to the choices that CIOs must make about software development. Besides platforms, languages and development environments, now an IT organization can invest in one of several “proven” development methodologies. The relatively […]

It’s a Requirement. No, it’s Design!

Define the system, then build it. Seems simple enough. Don’t ask a programmer to build software when its expected behavior is not clearly described. But in most software development organizations, a strange pathology exists that severely hampers this process and […]