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Expanded Thinking on Automated Testing

What does Automated Testing mean to you? Using software to run your tests? Consider: Where to these tests come from? What do the results of these tests mean? How do you know what parts of your system you’ve tested…or not […]

TMX Automation with Agile Designer and UFT

This video illustrates the end-to-end process of diagramming functionality, automatic test design, UFT script generation and execution. See how Agile Designer (now CA Test Case Designer) from CA/Grid-Tools interfaces with Critical Logic’s TMX keyword technology to automatically generate working UFT scripts […]

Capabilities 1 – Cause Effect Modeling (5:39)

See how Cause-Effect Modeling provides a structured approach to requirements validation and test development. Using a formal analysis of the given rules, we can represent any rule-set as a Cause Effect model.  This allows us to automatically generate tests with […]

Capabilities 2 – TMX Scripting Language (6:35)

See how TMX’s Keyword driven approach to scripting makes it easy for even the non-technical person to create automated test scripts.  And how TMX makes it easy to manage script and code changes plus the ability to use the scripting […]

Capabilities 3 – Automation Demo (6:09)

Watch us demonstrate the better approach to building automated tests from start to finish.  We start by using Critical Logic’s DTT to create a cause effect model of the functional requirements for our sample graphical user interface.  We then take […]