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Cause-Effect Modeling Whitepaper

Using Models to Improve Quality, Shorten Time-to-Market, and Reduce Costs View the Whitepaper PDF This whitepaper provides a general description of a new breed of modeling technology called Cause-Effect Modeling. By representing detailed functional requirements with mathematically complete models,  Cause-Effect Modeling represents a […]

Validation and Verification for Mission and Safety Critical Systems

Need algorithms to generate strong test coverage? View the Whitepaper PDF Safety-critical systems are a growing part of the software landscape, across a wide variety of industries including medicine, automotive, energy, aviation, and defense. Today more than ever, systems must satisfy […]

Solving The Agile Catch 22

Trying to Keep up with Agile AND Catch all the Bugs? View the Whitepaper PDF If automated Continuous Integration Testing is a major goal in your agile environment, then you’re familiar with the challenge of effectiveness vs. efficiency.  Automated test execution […]

Test Management Systems

Getting the Most out of Your TMS with Cause-Effect Modeling View the Whitepaper PDF Test Management Systems such as HP Quality Center, IBM Test Manager, and Microsoft Test Manager are powerful tools that deliver on the promise of a central library […]