80% of software defects are traceable to misunderstood or poorly defined requirements for functionality.

We know that for a software developer, there’s nothing more frustrating than reworking code and retesting software because the requirements or specifications were not complete heading into development.

Every department is impacted by incomplete specifications, pushing your time to market back and costs up. Management gets caught in a tug-of-war with development that only leads to frustration for everyone. And the entire organization is slowed by the miscommunication that comes from poor requirements.

There is a Solution

Our comprehensive product line helps you target specifications that are unclear or incomplete in your project. Get your business and software requirements and specifications right from the start by utilizing our Direct-to-Test (DTT) software. Eliminate holes in your requirement validation process, model and verify system behavior before writing code, make sure test cases cover every requirement, and establish traceability from the beginning. Ensuring your requirements, specifications and test cases are compatible and complete shortens your development phase and eliminates frustration from rework cycles.

Contact us to get it right from the start.