“There are never enough hours in the day and certainly not enough people to get this done.”

We understand the frustration for both managers and software developers when development projects suffocate from lack of adequate resources.  How do you usually cope with that? You can keep throwing more money and people at the problem, you can cut the project or sidestep some requirements – or you can find smart ways to control the variables that drive up the time your talented people are spending on unnecessary tasks and iterations.

What can we control/eliminate?

Through our logic-based approach to functional modeling in our Direct-to-Test (DTT) software, we can greatly reduce the time spent on an unnecessary requirements churn by pinpointing requirements early on.

Those nasty little bugs that too frequently remain unseen until the last moment in your software development phase are due to errors in creation or understanding of the specifications 80% of the time. Catch them early with DTT 100% test coverage, and you’ll be able to eliminate these costly problems.

Rework hours add up and can be extremely frustrating to everyone from developers and project managers, to QA departments and Executive sponsors – especially when they could have been avoided. Our TMX automated test script generation provides practical and effective tools for improving the software test and evaluation process, eliminating manual test case authoring and maintenance and dramatically reducing rework hours.

Find out how the Critical Logic Software Suite can improve the performance of your existing projects and resources.