Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know that every requirement is covered, and to automate requirement verification statuses for status reporting?

Incomplete test coverage can lead to disastrous consequences for software projects.  At a minimum, debugging and retesting iterations could be costly and time consuming. In the extreme, bugs that make it into released software due to poor test coverage can open you up to future liability, especially for mission critical applications.

What’s the good news then?

Those situations described above are completely avoidable.  Full test coverage – with automated script generation and easy test case maintenance – is a reality that doesn’t have to break the bank.  Direct-to-Test (DTT) software from Critical Logic is a cause-effect graphing and modeling tool that utilizes comprehensive, intelligent technology.  It starts by validating the completeness of your software requirements as a first step, and verifying they’ve been met via full test coverage.

After DTT generates the optimized tests from the model, our Test Management and Execution (TMX) takes those test definitions as input, and provides a keyword-based automation framework that allows even non-technical users to effectively automate the tests.

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