Don’t let project budget overruns force your hand in IT and software delivery.  Cut costs, not projects.

We all know that late stage changes in any project are more expensive by orders of magnitude compared to the cost of specifying and developing right the first time.  Even in agile projects, learning of missing core requirements in late stage sprints and scrums can cost you dearly in core architecture revisions and backlogs resets.

How do we combat this?

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from project managers and CEOs of development companies is that when projects go awry, the first thing to take a hit is the budget – and that’s usually one of the hardest items to recover.

By spending time at the beginning of your project setting solid requirements and expectations, you will be able to reduce the number of sprints or traditional iterations needed to satisfy requirements, thereby requiring fewer resources down the road.  Critical Logic’s Direct-to-Test (DTT) software allows you to model your software during the design phase, ensuring fully defined requirements with test coverage while cutting out the cost of reworking requirements.

Test costs can add up quickly, pushing your budget to its limits. By automating test scripts, you can drastically cut back on the manpower needed to create and implement these tests. Our Test Management and Execution (TMX) software utilizes user-friendly, keyword -driven testing technology that your entire staff can learn.

Eliminate the cost of rework by ensuring bug-free output early on. With full test coverage and defect-free software in fewer cycles, you’ll be on your way to a budget that’s under your original scope.


“Critical Logic reduced our requirements elicitation investment by 50% while dramatically increasing the quality of the software we deliver … [and] they allow us to leverage our existing staff 4:1″

– Russ Nelson, VP of Applications Development at

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