Is your software suffering from quality problems?  Even after repetitive test cycles, are you still finding bugs and working around software defects? You’re not alone.

Whether your development teams use waterfall, agile, spiral or any other methodology for managing your software development, producing quality, bug-free software is a challenge all organizations face.  While quality issues can stem from a variety of sources throughout a project or software life cycle, 80% of software defects are traced to misunderstood or poorly defined requirements for functionality.

How can you prevent quality issues?

By having a clearly defined starting point with an intended end goal, your development teams can work toward a flawless finished product from day one. Eliminate ambiguity with a software tool that analyzes and validates your requirements to ensure everything is accurate, complete and testable. Our Direct-to-Test (DTT) software allows you to model your project during the design stage, so you’re able to identify incomplete and ambiguous requirements before they ever hit the development desk.

Once the development phase begins, a thorough testing process is your second line of defense to eliminate quality issues. A comprehensive software test and evaluation process that includes automated test case development and maintenance will save your development teams frustrating and costly rework cycles in the future. Critical Logic’s Test Management and Execution (TMX) software automates script development and manages test changes as the software application is written and modified, both cutting down on defects and drastically reducing the effort needed to keep your test case library up to date.

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