Can iQm and Cause-Effect Modeling really improve your development process and compliance?

It seems like everybody sitting around the conference table knows your software development process isn’t ideal.  In fact, by the end of a typical project, it looks a lot like this:

Why, then, is it so difficult for your organization to improve and integrate software development processes? The deck is stacked against you from the start.

  • Processes are generally put in place to control routine and repetitive activities that can be managed in a step-wise fashion. Software development is rarely routine and seldom repetitive or well integrated – unless you’re repeating the same tests over-and-over as bugs are iteratively detected and fixed.


  • Institutional resistance can also be an issue. Everyone from managers to developers to senior leadership can more easily become an obstacle to change rather than a proponent or champion.  The ease of improvement and the individual gain for each stakeholder are often significant factors.


  • Lastly, having the right tools and technology in place to support good processes is critical to procedural success and to compliance.


How can Critical Logic help with Integrated Quality Management?

iQm can become routine in the translation of needs into clear and unambiguous software requirements with test cases for those requirements. The Critical Logic iQm Platform of products provides tools that already encompass a better process for software development. Check out our Direct to Test (DTT) product that models and analyzes requirements in a review process for unclear, conflicting or unfinished sections allowing you to perform requirements validation before any code is ever written. We can also help you with IT Information Security.

Sure, but I still have a lot of resistance to change.

That’s usually because your stakeholders can’t see the benefits. Software development process improvement using Critical Logic iQm can affect everyone in the organization. If you need to find out how our product suite can help your organization, look for the issues your teams are facing in our challenges section.