A complete line of targeted software solutions that help your development teams meet deadlines, save money and produce a high-quality product

Critical Logic offers a full line of intelligent software solutions called CEM Platform to help your development teams avoid complications that can lead to schedule delays, budget overruns and general frustration. By helping prevent potential issues before they become hard-to-fix problems, our products and services will save you time and money in the long run.

Learn more about the products in the CEM Platform:

CEM Platform   

DTT: Direct-to-Test software that provides cause effect graphing for requirement validation and test case generation

TMX: Test Management and Execution software for keyword-driven automated test generation

Regardless of the depth and complexity of your project, our software applications will help guide you to an on-time, cost-effective launch of a high-quality product. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Preventing and detecting defects
    Our Direct-to-Test (DTT) software models and analyzes requirements for unclear, conflicting or unfinished sections in the requirement review process.
  • Creating and easily maintaining tests
    Once you have solid requirements, you can use DTT Reports to create manual or automated tests for your project with easy-to-update capabilities.
  • Tracking ambiguous or missing documentation for your software
    Our Ambiguity Tracking feastures lets you track ambiguous or missing documentation and pinpoint the parts of the software those pieces correspond to.
  • Achieving full test coverage
    Manually created tests can leave little holes that have you missing out on full functionality. Let Trace Point help you achieve full test coverage, even in complex systems.