Approximately 80% of software defects arise from poorly written, ambiguous or incomplete requirements.


Give your project a fighting chance with preventative software that helps you catch defects early on. By starting with a solid foundation, your software development team can avoid costly errors that stem from ambiguity in requirements or incomplete test cases.

Make sure your project is defect-free from the start

DTT is a fully functional modeling tool that helps you create robust requirements and ensure they are testable and accurate. Through our Cause-Effect Model Editor, you can determine how to construct an application software before any code is ever written — modeling requirements as early as the design stage. Make sure your requirements are complete and unambiguous to ensure full requirement coverage for a virtually defect-free product.

Beyond setting and validating requirements, DTT also provides you with a set of test cases that ensures full requirement traceability through testing. These test cases are optimized to provide full functional coverage with the optimal number of tests, reducing both the time you spend on testing and the resources needed to complete the process.

We know change is an inevitable part of your application’s life cycle, and the innovative technology built into DTT helps you manage that. Because the models created by DTT reuse steps when developing test cases, you only have to make a change once and it will be reflected across all corresponding test cases.

DTT Editions:

  • Professional – All the features & interfaces (e.g. Quality Center™) available including the DTT Review Edition
  • Standard – All the features you need for a small team.
  • Review – A read only edition to distribute to users and reviewers (formally FMR).

Features and Functions Included in DTT:       8.5 New Features Video

  • Cause-Effect Model Editor
  • Test Generator
  • Ambiguity Tracking
  • Requirements Tracing
  • Test Data Preparation

Also included:

  • Samples
  • Documentation