Easily share your cause effect models and put vital information in the hands of your team members.


Utilizing cause effect models to drive your software design and development will greatly improve the quality output of your software project. You can use models to validate requirements while making them accessible to all of your key players with the Functional Model Reviewer (FMR), so everyone is informed and aligned for success.

The easy way to view and share your DTT cause effect models

Our Functional Model Reviewer application allows every vital member of your team – from developer to business analyst to executive sponsors – to review and analyze your cause effect models and the test cases generated by those models.

FMR is designed to work with the cause effect modeling tool in our Direct-to-Test (DTT) software. With FMR, you can open DTT models in a simplified read-only view, giving everyone access to the information in the models. Reporting is made simple with DTT connectivity functionality, and you don’t need any cause effect modeling expertise.

FMR also gives you access to the “neoning” feature, which allows you to highlight variations, paths and even entire test cases in the cause effect model. This unique view of your system will show how all of the aspects of the system relate to and interact with one another, all in an easy-to-understand interface. Through these model views, you can quickly spot any missing (or extra) dependencies between parts of your system before any coding requirements are sent to the development team.

Features and Functions Included in FMR:

  • View functional models and cause effect graphing
  • Run DTT reports for test and model analysis
  • Provides graphical “what if” model logic analyzer (neoning tool)

Also includes:

  • Documentation