Unlock your software life cycle management potential with reporting and intel for HP’s Quality Center


Make the most out of your investment in HP’s Quality Center with our interface application that combines the power of our Direct-to-Test software with reporting features in Quality Center.

Take advantage of two powerful software solutions

Our Quality Center Exchange (QCX) application provides an interface directly with Quality Center, an element of HP’s industry leading Application Life Cycle Management suite.  Generate test cases with our cause effect modeling tool in the Direct-to-Test (DTT) software and publish these cases directly into Quality Center with QCX; this allows you to easily track and manage change by taking advantage of the features in both DTT and Quality Center.

From the QCX interface, you can choose which project in Quality Center you’d like to connect to. This gives you the power to easily manage and import test data from multiple projects simply and efficiently. You can import test data from an entire cause effect model, or select and import only specific test cases.

Managing changes in Quality Center becomes simple with QCX. Our direct interface allows you to make the necessary changes in the Cause Effect Model and replace the old test cases and run results in minutes, not hours. This means your test team spends more time testing and less time trying to make sense of the results.

Features and Functions Included in QCX:

  • Select and connect to projects in Quality Center
  • Upload DTT-generated test cases to Quality Center via its API
  • Provides additional user data to populate Quality Center customized fields
  • Provides additional descriptions for DTT Tests
  • Integration with DTT test library

 Also included:

  • Documentation