Utilize our expertise when it comes to QA Project Management to harness your project’s full potential.

Don’t get bogged down by internal QA Project Management issues. Critical Logic is equipped with resources to tackle every size and shape of QA management problem. Whether you need full support to assemble or manage your QA team, or basic support and guidance on best practices, we have an experienced team willing to lend a hand.

How we can help you tackle your QA project management issues

As we are a business that’s based on preventing software deficiencies, we are experienced in all development methodologies, including agile, test-driven development, iterative incremental, spiral, waterfall and more. That means we can assist you in achieving accurate, realistic QA effort estimates, regardless of approach.

We can help you manage key dependencies through the development life cycle, securing testable, codeable, ambiguity-free requirements along with test data analysis and management. Throughout, our focus on cost of quality identifies and tracks valuable metrics to keep you on the correct side of the cost curve.


Source: Capers Jones, Applied Software Management, 2nd Ed.


Our team has “walked through the fire” with many clients across various projects, development methodologies and institutional processes, so we know exactly what you’re going through.

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