Ambiguity review and requirements validation is a vital and ongoing process that helps prevent bugs before they become a problem.

Ensuring your requirements are clear is as important as initially setting them — and when you consider that 80% of defects are caused by incomplete or unclear requirements, you can see how important it all really is. Our requirements validation services give clients an early detection of any ambiguities, inconsistencies, discrepancies, or missing items in their software design document – leading to drastically reduced development iterations, test cycles, and overall project budget and schedule.

Don’t Let Ambiguous Requirements Cripple Your Project

Ambiguity review is a process that identifies inconsistencies and discrepancies in software development specs that could lead to bugs in the future, whether that means later in the development process or once the product hits market. In an effort to avoid these bugs, validating requirements is part of the comprehensive process we employ to help ensure your software will be launch-ready.

As a client of Critical Logic, one of the first things we can do is an ambiguity review of your current software with your team. We take a look at your software design specs and log any discrepancies, inconsistencies and ambiguities and present them for review. Clients can have a one on one or larger group discussion with our quality engineers to discuss these ambiguities, give answers, think about how they might affect the software, and how to resolve them early.

Want to make sure your requirements are clear and valid? Contact Critical Logic.