Stop wasting time on manual testing — Let us automate your testing and ensure test accuracy in less time than it would take you to do it by hand.

Your software design project has been through the process of test development, and now you have a good set of test cases that are traceable back to your requirements.  You’re confident that your requirements are all being covered, but you also know that due to your project size there are going to be some challenges. You have a large number of test cases — some of which are pretty complex — that all need to be somehow executed as the project deadline rapidly approaches.

You know running all of them manually will take more time than you have left, especially all of the regression testing for each software update cycle. Wouldn’t it be easier to execute all these tests in an automated fashion?

Critical Logic’s Test Automation Service Is Your Answer

Our test engineers are fully trained and ready to create reusable and editable test cases using our unique Test Management and Execution (TMX) software. These test scripts can then be run in your automation tool of choice (such as TestPartner, QTP, WinRunner, SilkTest, etc.).  As your requirements change — and you know they will — we use TMX for easy test script updating through its keyword-driven test functionality.  We make a change in one spot and instantly regenerate all of the relevant test scripts, keeping your test library in sync with your application development – which becomes especially handy in Agile development projects.

Not only will Critical Logic’s automation services help you complete all your project testing on time, but you’ll also be saving significant project costs with the power of TMX’s test case management and the increased efficiency of automation.  Critical Logic also offers a number of tools to automate your testing results analysis and compilation, providing you the important results when you need them most.


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