Ever wonder if your test cases really test everything?  Wonder no more.

How do you know when you’re done testing?  With Critical Logic, it’s not when the time or money runs out; it’s when you’ve run all the tests.  Critical Logic’s cause-effect models use the same algorithms to generate test cases that hardware manufacturers use to test logical switches in hardware circuits.  Cause-effect models provide complete functional coverage, and optimize the number of test cases necessary to achieve it.  With Critical Logic you get more coverage with fewer tests, and you know when you’re done testing.

Taking the Work Out of Test Development

Our team of logic analysts is equipped to review your software design documents and map their requirements to create test cases that will validate your software’s functionality – so you don’t get caught with ill-prepared tests or requirements that don’t fully cover your needs.  You can select the test development help that you need:

  • Cause-effect modeling of your application
  • 100% functional coverage test cases
  • Coverage assessment of your existing tests

Additionally, we offer the ability to purchase licenses to our tools, so you can use Direct-to-Test (DTT) functional modeling in your own office, along with comprehensive training on how to use it to its fullest potential.


You can explore other software development and testing services we provide or if you are ready to find out more, contact us now.