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Become an Expert in CEM (DTT, TMX) and More

Our training courses will give you a better idea of not only how our software works, but also the process behind the software  — our basic modeling course doesn’t just tell you how Direct-to-Test (DTT) can be used, we explain the logic of the modeling process itself. Designed to help you implement capabilities in-house, our training courses are flexible and customizable to your specific needs, whether you have a large or small group of varying knowledge levels.

In addition to our basic modeling course, we also offer several advanced courses and individual modules. The modules, which use a combination of classroom style instruction and independent study, serve as modeling guides for commonly occurring business functionality. These are:

  • CEM 101 – Core Concepts of Cause-Effect Modeling
  • CEM 201 – Advanced Cause-Effect Modeling Concepts and Features of DTT
  • CEM 202 – Cause-Effect Modeling for TMX Automation
  • CEM 300 – Applied Cause-Effect Modeling – How to Model the Many Flavors of Functionality
  • CEM 400 – Modeling Project Management – Key Success Factors for Cause-Effect Modeling Teams
  • TMX 101 – Basics for Test Engineers – How to create and edit TMX Scripts
  • TMX 201 – Advanced Features for Automation Engineers – How to create a TMX Framework any automation tool

Please see Course Descriptions for descriptions of all Critical Logic courses.

Partner developed Courses from Bender RBT, Inc.

  • WTR – Writing Testable Requirements
  • FAIR – Finding Ambiguities in Requirements
  • RBT – Requirement Based Testing

Any number of modules can be packaged together and administered at the time of the basic training, or at any later date. This allows you to train on only the relevant features and functionality you need, when you need it.

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