Evolve with your project by investing in quality-focused aids that help you get it right, every time

Save money long-term by investing in a quality strategy

Determining how big your budget needs to be for a software development project can get tricky — especially if you try to save money up front in your initial process of requirements setting and test cycles. But when you factor in the likelihood of defects escaping into production, you can see how the cost of quality shoots up over time as the longer a bug goes undetected, the more expensive and time-consuming it is to correct.

Use our technologies to support and drive a shift away from simple project-driven testing and toward a more comprehensive system-oriented approach, customizing your experience and producing better results. Enterprises with evolving, complex, integrated systems struggle to maintain system-oriented documentation and test cases. Use cause-effect modeling to regain control of your requirements and test cases. Document and model system behavior and update the models over time as systems evolve, rather than fighting the losing battle of maintaining test cases by hand.

There are plenty of ways your project can go wrong. Make sure it goes right with test development, management, and execution tools from Critical Logic.