Ensuring quality isn’t always easy, even for your highly capable quality assurance group. Give them the tools they need to be successful

iQm Equips your team with the tools to drive quality, not just check for it

Quality is not just about testing any more. Companies must achieve quality in every aspect of software development.  It is well understood that the majority of software defects come from less than perfect requirements. However, defects and technical debt can originate from all stages of development.  Critical Logic provides tools and process to integrate quality into all phases. 

The core of our approach is modeling.  Our models are an integration hub for Requirements, Design and Tests.  Cause-Effect modeling drives ambiguity out of all stages of development.

iQm Venn 200 iQm integrates Validation of requirements and design elements with Verification of system behaviors. Our iQm Platform is an enabling technology that creates models, generates test cases, and automates them. The iQm Platform provides strong traceability, extremely high test coverage, and efficient test maintenance.  The iQm Platform capabilities are uniquely suited to the challenges of Agile and Continuous Integration.

The key to integrating quality into the entire development process is modeling. By creating models of your requirements you gain clarification and validation never before possible.  You will understand the relations between requirements and easily find ambiguity and inconsistencies that can be addressed before they create defects and technical debt.
Validate your requirements to a level never imagined.  Modeling the requirements discovers ambiguities, finds disconnects and prevents defects. Our iQm process ensures valid requirements and unprecedented clarity.
The models provide a view of intended behavior that makes it easy for stakeholders and developers to reach a common understanding.  Better understanding leads to better quality – integrated quality.


iQm Requirements

Once a clear, unambiguous set of requirements is established it is possible to include elements of functional design into the Cause-Effect Models. This analysis will find gaps in the functional design and  system interfaces that would otherwise not be found until much later in the development cycle.  Modeling will also find inconsistencies among various design elements that are hard to find with traditional review methods.

iQm Design


What if you could automatically design the test cases needed for your system?  Not just some but all the test cases you need to cover everything.  With our unique iQm Cause-Effect Modeling technology that is exactly what you get.  Build a model to Validate your requirements then push a button to automatically design the test cases.  Change your requirements, update your model, re-design your tests – all of them, easily and automatically. Maintain Models, not Tests.

Automated test execution is no longer optional.  For Agile and CI you must have automated regression or die.  Our powerful automation framework technology is built into iQm and can generate automated scripts runnable in all popular automation tools like Selenium, Ranorex, IBM RFT, HP UFT and more.  No more maintaining test scripts or coding bottlenecks.  Push a button and generate an entire automation library.  Change your app, change your model, update your framework and re-generate!  Easy, fast, amazing.


iQm Tests