Ensuring quality isn’t always easy, even for your highly capable quality assurance group. Give them the tools they need to be successful

Equip your QA team with the tools to drive quality, not just check for it

Mature quality assurance teams drive out issues early on in your project to avoid compounding problems later on. Arm your QA team with an intelligent tool that cuts their work down while producing more refined results. Your test analysts will be more effective with our modeling tools that provide model-based static analysis of requirements. Cause-effect modeling increases your team’s analytical rigor immediately, allowing them to identify defects before testing even begins. Cause-effect models also provide automatic generation of test cases to ensure complete functional coverage.

Endlessly growing test library? Give your QA group the ability to maintain models, not tests.

Wish you could know for sure when you’re done testing? Improve your test team’s efficiency with a smaller number of tests that provide complete functional coverage – a 30% improvement over traditional test development methods.

Tired of project plans gone awry?  Our formal estimating methods based on model counts make effort estimating more accurate and reliable.

Don’t get caught with overwhelming quality issues and schedule delays — let Critical Logic improve your overall efficiency and productivity.