Your team is far too talented to waste time on outdated, time-consuming testing methods

We make improving your productivity so simple

Your software development team can handle anything that gets thrown at them. New requirements? No problem. Fixing bugs? You’ll handle it. But what if you could eliminate the time spent on unnecessary “scrap and rework” iterations that keep your team from really flourishing? By kick-starting a defect-free project from the very beginning, you can boost productivity from day one — which will, in turn, boost your reputation as you produce defect-free software in less time than your competitors can.

Improve your test team’s efficiency with our Direct-to-Test (DTT) software that helps you reduce the number of tests needed to fully cover your product while improving test coverage by 30% over traditional test development methods. Create models that generate test specifications and functional specification reports so that you can easily review the expected behavior, ensuring your interpretation of requirements is correct before testing even begins.

Does your software development team ever struggle with incomplete specifications or insufficient resources? Critical Logic has proven solutions to target these and other challenges your team might face. Contact us today to find out more!