Don’t get sidelined by surprises in your software development project; stay on schedule and on budget with smart solutions from Critical Logic

Enlist the help of seasoned experts to help you stay on track effortlessly

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the fall for your project getting thrown off-track — especially when there are viable methods of preventing both schedule delays and budget overruns. Simplify your life with Critical Logic’s suite of products that pinpoints potential defects before they become expensive problems later in the development lifecycle.

Our software helps drive accurate, reliable effort estimates so that you can bid projects correctly the first time. Improve your schedule predictability by reducing surprises that can pop up unexpectedly from traditional testing methods that leave your project vulnerable to defects. By spending a little more up front, you can greatly reduce the cost of quality by ensuring a better product early on instead of throwing more money and time at fixing mistakes after launch.

The Direct-to-Test (DTT) software makes your testing teams more efficient with comprehensive test cases and requirements validation; improve accountability across the board during testing by eliminating ambiguities that lead to disagreements over what the intended behavior actually is. Contact Critical Logic today to get started on your project solution.