Prevent and Detect” is the motto of Critical Logic, and requirements validation is where the prevent area begins.

It’s always beneficial to producers of any kind of media to have an extra set of eyes reviewing it, and software design is no exception. Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) has long been a standard across industries that demand high quality.  The disciplines of engineering, economics, accounting, and software have applied the principles of Verification & Validation as a critical component in their quality management systems, such as ISO 9000, for decades.

As the complexity of integrated systems grows and the costs of failure escalate, so does the importance of Independent Verification and Validation.  Critical Logic uses Cause-Effect Modeling to perform static analysis of requirements (Validation), and uses the Cause-Effect Models to generate 100% functional coverage test cases, which can be executed against the system (Verification).

Using a tool-based approach to satisfy both sides of V&V brings formal rigor to quality management, and reduces the cost of quality.  With Critical Logic, the benefits of IV&V, once solely the domain of the likes of NASA and other safety critical engineering disciplines, can now be realized by any organization intent on reducing its cost of quality.

How Critical Logic Can Help

Through the products and services provided by Critical Logic, you can ensure proper requirements validation and system behavior verification for your project. Critical Logic offers the service of software quality assurance by receiving software design documents from our clients and reviewing them to identify any ambiguities, discrepancies, inconsistencies, items that might be missing, or anything else that might not make the requirements form smoothly. We can go over these ambiguities with our clients, identify which of them are actual issues and which are not, and then let the clients design which of those issues should be resolved and how. Such a process is crucial in helping to identify and prevent software defects before they happen to the software’s intended users. We offer a comprehensive line of software and training that models cause-effect logic to prevent defects, detect bugs through complete software testing, and automate the process.

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